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Can my safe be bolted to the floor?

The majority of  Freestanding safes can be bolted down. They have pre-drilled anchor bolt holes and a bolt-down kit. Most Fire & Waterproof safes cannot be bolted down as they cannot have holes drilled into them. If your safe does not have factory installed anchor holes you should not drill into the safe body as it will affect the burglar or fire rating. 

Does my safe require installation?

Most safes require installation, you can either do this yourself or installation can be arranged when you order your safe. Most safes come with a fixing kit & instructions but some larger safes may need to be fitted professionally. Please contact us if you have any further queries about installation.

What are Insurance Cash Ratings?

Security Safes are generally classified in terms of cash ratings. A cash rating is the level of cover that an underwriter will give to the contents of the safe and can generally be multiplied by 10 for jewellery or similar valuables. A cash rating is therefore also a very good indication of the security level of the safe, the higher the rating, the more security is offered.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit & debit cards. Payment can also be made by Paypal, electronic bank transfer or cheque.

If paying by cheque your order will be dispatched once payment has cleared.

When will my order be delivered?

All of our deliveries are within 3-5 days.

Which safe is right for me?

When choosing a safe you should consider many factors including what you will be storing and where you want the safe to be placed.

Data Safes: Recommended for media files such as CD's, DVD's, Memory sticks Etc.

Deposit Safe: Ideal for businesses that take cash onsite. Cash & valuables can be easily & securely deposited without the need to open the safe.

Eurograde Safe: Suitable for both home and commercial use. Carries a very high cash rating.

Fire Safe: Recommended for protecting important documents such as passports and cash against extreme heat & fire.

Freestanding Safe:
Easy to install, can be fitted in most places.

Underfloor Safe: Virtually impossible to remove. Can carry a very high insurance cash rating. 

Waterproof Safe: Completely waterproof when locked, even when fully submerged.