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Which safe is right for me?
    When choosing a safe you should consider many factors including what you will be storing and where you want the safe to be placed.

Data Safes: Recommended for media files such as CD's, DVD's, Memory sticks Etc.

Deposit Safe: Ideal for businesses that take cash onsite. Cash & valuables can be easily & securely deposited without the need to open the safe.

Eurograde Safe: Suitable for both home and commercial use. Carries a very high cash rating.

Fire Safe: Recommended for protecting important documents such as passports and cash against extreme heat & fire.

Freestanding Safe:
Easy to install, can be fitted in most places.

Underfloor Safe: Virtually impossible to remove. Can carry a very high insurance cash rating. 

Waterproof Safe: Completely waterproof when locked, even when fully submerged.