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Chubbsafes Homesafe S2 Size 50

Additional Locking Option
£434.40 inc VAT
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Chubbsafes Homesafe S2 - £4000 Cash Rated Security Cabinet

The Chubbsafes Homesafe offers protection from both burglary and fire in one safe. Not only is it fully tested to EN14450 S2 for the security of cash up to the value of £4000 and valuables up to £40,000, but also offers 30 minutes tested fire protection for paper documents. So not is your cash, jewellery and most sizes of expensive Laptops protected, but also your passport, share certificates and other vital paper documents.

Key Features:

  • • Combined burglary and fire protection

  • • The safe door is secured using the revolutionary V bolt system

  • • Up to 30 minutes fire resistant

  • •AiS Approved Safe

  • •Cash rating £4,000 or valuables £40,000

  • •The design of the locking bolts helps maintain door integrity both when under physical attack and during fire.

  • • Ideal for protecting cash and valuable items, as well as passports, title deeds and other important documents in the home or office.

  • • weight 46 kg's 

  • External Dimensions
    H 600 x W 445 x D 390 (mm)
  • Internal Dimensions
    H 510 x W 355 x D 281 (mm)

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